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 Welcome to the official website of Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development (CHRAD); a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to the welfare of  vulnerable children and young adults in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our organization was founded on moral and conscious belief that, children irrespective of color, religious background and gender all deserve to have a healthy and a happy up-bringing and to be provided opportunities to exhibit life to their fullest potential. 

However, some of these children evidently need extra help as they continue to suffer one of more problems related to their physical health, emotional health, behavior, development, mental health, economic background and cognitive status.

At CHRAD, we strive to bring together people, ideas and resources and are actively involved in efforts to promote change among vulnerable children in society towards a professional, moral and healthy social advancement. Our organization is founded on the principle of moral discipline and broadly shared economic opportunities for the vulnerable groups in society. The organization was founded by Lawrence Saah Varnie who hailed from Liberia and arrived in Ghana as a refugee in the heat of bloody civil conflict there. 

Like many other countries across the globe, conflict affected communities continue to suffer post war trauma in many respect. The unbridled hardship experienced by the founder during the war and as a refugee in exile inspired him to establish CHRAD as a wake-up call to support the development need of the vulnerable children in the midst of widespread growing number of street children. 

The organization was established in 2006 and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in October 2007. We are constantly broadening our networks with other national and international development agencies and individuals which we believe, are instrumental in the process of effectively widening our reach to communities in need and in which our partners works and operate while extending the helping hands to the vulnerable. 

Our Core area of services include the following: (1) Scholarship opportunities for the vulnerable children (2); Counseling programs (3); In-service and Empowerment Training program (4); School Feeding Program (5); Extra-curricular activities and (6) Supply of Teaching and Learning Aid.

Our Goal is to expand our services in rural communities in most part of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

All well-wishers, friends of children, philanthropists and donor agencies are herewith invited to  support us in whatever way possible.  For more information about us and our programs, navigate the site




Over the years and in the midst of challenges, our organization is gradually opening up for opportunities to broaden its network to reach out to more well-wishers for support.

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Equally so, no matter how qualified and experienced a teacher may be, he will find it completely difficult if not impossible to appropriately mould the hearts and minds of the school children or develop their social and professional skills and abilities without the necessary teaching and learning materials.

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Counseling children and adolescents is often different from counseling adults, though the objective is the same.

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This program is intended to address the serious complications and symptomatic challenges induced by extreme hunger among vulnerable school children in most part of sub-Saharan Africa. READ MORE

CHRAD Videos

Lawrence Saah Varnie

CEO and Founder, CHRAD

Lawrence Founded the organization and presently serve as the Director. He Plans the activities of the Organization along with the Programs Director and in consultation with the Board of Directors.

Joseph Clark

Administrator, CHRAD

Joseph Holds Diploma in Social Works and Diploma in Theology. He passion for children along with his religious background is a unique for his position. He is reliable, hardworking and honest.

Ebenezer Aikins

Volunteer Coordinator, CHRAD

Ebeneezer is responsible for overseeing volunteers activities in terms of their placement, update on activities, feeding, projects, site seeing etc. He is very friendly, honest and determined.

Freda Akua Ntow

Secretary, CHRAD

Freda is presently pursuing a Degree program for an Award of Bachelor in Human Resource Manager. She has passion for children and her administrative work is incredible.


Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development

P. O. Box NB 754,

Nii Boiman, Accra Ghana

E-mail: info@chrad.net 

+233 (0) 270 143 568  


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