Welcome to the official website of Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development (CHRAD) an Incorporated Non Governmental Organization committed to the welfare of the disadvantaged in society. Our office is located at the Buduburam Refugee Settlement, Gomoa East District of the Central Region, Ghana and currently serving the needs of refugees and other disadvantaged within the community.

We strives to bring together people, ideas and resources; and it is actively involved in effort to promote change among refugees and other disadvantaged in society towards a professional, moral and healthy social advancement in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is founded on the principle of moral discipline and broadly shared economic opportunity for sustainable development.

At CHRAD, we strongly believe that, a healthy and progressive society relies fundamentally on respect for human rights, the vitality of communities and a celebration of diversity of views and experiences. Thus, we offer an array of services that are intended to amplify the efforts of forward-thinking philanthropists, foundations, activists, well-wishers and organizations geared towards making the world a better place to live than ever before.

We are constantly broadening our networks with other national and international development agencies and individuals which we believe, are instrumental in the process of effectively widening  our reach to communities in-need and in which our partners works and operate while extending the helping hands of well-wishers..

Our mission is to make professional and accountable use of all available resources to transform deprived Sub-Saharan African communities into mines of knowledge and hives of productive economic activities thereby creating an environment of opportunities for all in every community.

We are always in the process of expanding and developing the potentials and capacities of young professionals as well as members of the communities in which we operate. With the consistent challenges that we encounter as a young growing organization, we call on the support of all in diverse to enable us realize our mission.

Your support little or big  would certainly add significant magnitude to our team of young and aspiring professionals who are desireous of making a huge difference in society by linking theoretical knowledge to practice and giving massive support to disadvantaged to effect positive social change.

Lawrence Saah Varnie
(Founder and Director)

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Welcome to CHRAD
Building Sustainable Peace By Developing  Minds                          Established in October 2007                  Catering to the development needsof the Refugees and other vulnerable groups in society                      Building hope; Changing lives         Creating Live changing opportunities for the vulnerable groups in soiety...              Making Discipline, striving for the possible best....

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